Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Flash...The First Sign of Autumn?

Spotted this new(well it is for me)flavour at a local convenience store.Its the second flavour in the Dean and Deluca ice cream range Ive seen here.I wasnt actually aware Dean and Deluca made ice-cream for the Japanese market until a few weeks ago.At 280 yen for this size its definitely at the top end of the price range.A similiar sized mini cup Haagen Daz retails round the 263 yen mark.
As for the marron flavour its aimed at the local market as "marron" translates from French into Japanese as "chestnut".Dont ask why.I think its similiar logic that translates what I think of as a "cream puff" type pastry into "choux cream" in Japanese.
The ice-cream appears in the photo above more like vanilla than a green/tawny colour I'd expected.It also tastes very vanilla-like despite containing marron and marron paste according to the labelling on the container.Whatever,its quite pleasant and smooth with a hint of brandy coming through.
No doubt I will see more cakes and confectionery containing marron as summer fades.

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