Monday, August 13, 2007

Nova...Improvement Plan

Last week it was reported that Nova,the English language school operator had submitted a report to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government regarding measures to improve its business following the Economy,Trade and Industry Ministry suspension orders in June.
According to officals,Nova had vowed to increase the number of teachers by 686 by October from 4,415 as of July.
It will be interesting to see if they reach this number for a number of reasons.
Firstly,given the current exchange rate the salary isnt as financially attractive as it was and less of a lure for potential job candidates.
Secondly,I wonder if the current METI action has tarnished Nova's reputation and made recruitment more difficult.
Thirdly,I wonder if the fact that the Japanese staff have had their summer bonus postponed till October and several "computer glitches" will put off prospective employees.
Finally,I also wonder if the 686 teachers/instructors will actually increase the current number of instructors available or merely be replacements for those who,for a variety of reasons,have left.
Hopefully as reported the Metro Government officals will closely monitor the situation.

On a lighter note a friend came across the T-shirt below in a second hand clothes shop.
I should hasten to add that it has nothing to do with the above mentioned company.

However while Im not really involved in Out Patient Rehabilitation it does at times feel so.In fact I feel more like a practitioner of "Pallative English" dealing with cases that have very little to do with teaching the English language more like a grief/marriage /human relationship/vocational guidance counsellor rolled into one...

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