Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Flash..More Cosplay Summit 2007 Photos

I had planned to do many things today.However,by mid morning the mercury had risen to around 30 peaking at 37 degrees celsius so only I ended up dragging myself to the local swimming pool and after that lying on the tatami in my apartment trying to avoid heat stroke and dehydration.

So I took the easy option and posted some more photos from last weeks cosplay summit parade in Osu Kannon.Special thanks to Peter who kindly supplied the three shots below.

As I noted on Monday there was a sizable overseas contingent of cosplayers also competing.

The man with the white wig next to the female competitor in the green mini skirt had gone to some lengths to reproduce his character as his costume and waist coat were highly detailed and accessorised.

The final shot shows three more masked cosplay characters who were in the parade.It must have been hot under those masks as the temperature hovered round the high 20 degree celsius mark and was very humid.Later in the day a short,violent electrical storm brought some temporary relief from the heat of the early afternoon.

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