Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Flash...Kyo mo atsui wa ne?

Kyo mo atsui wa ne?(Its hot today isnt it?) was a bit of an understatement in the rural city I work at.Yesterday the temperature in Tajimi City,Gifu Prefecture hit 40.9 degrees celsius.
Tajimi is a thirty minute train ride from Nagoya,the sprawling,oft-ignored metropolis between Tokyo and Osaka.Tajimi lies in a basin,nestled between low-lying hills.In summer,due to its topography,it regularly tops the national temperature charts.
As I left work late yesterday afternoon I noticed about four or five television trucks camped round the train station with camera men and interviewers stopping locals and asking for their comments which seemed to amount to "atsui,atsui" its hot its hot.

Yesterday,along with Kumagaya City in Saitama Prefecture,Tajimi broke the previous national record of 40.8 degrees celsius set in Yamagata way back in 1933.Although it was my day off today and I sweltered in Nagoya,Tajimi hit 40.8 degrees equalling the old record.

As for the photo above...I havent seen the Dean and Deluca brand before I spotted this "super premium ice cream" tub in a convenience store in Tajimi.Their Kyoto Green Tea flavor is one of the nicest Ive tasted.Smooth and not as bitter as I'd expected having sampled other brands Im still not convinced green tea ice cream is a winner.

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