Monday, August 27, 2007

Goya..the vegetable,not the painter

Goya is a bitter gourd like vegetable that originally comes from Okinawa.Its becoming increasingly popular and a common sight this time of year in supermarkets and on green grocery shelves.
In Okinawa,goya chanpuru,a stir fried dish with pork and tofu is a common way of serving it.Other ways of eating it include goya tempura,goya sweet and sour and goya soaked in brown sugar.
Personally I slice it up,quickly boil it and then fry it in a little oil,soya sauce and sugar to lessen the bitterness.
Goya is rich in vitamin C and is reputed to help beat the summer heat.Products such as goya juice and goya tea can be found as thirst quenchers.
As well as being held up as one way of fighting heat its also said to stimulate the appetite and moderate blood pressure.And despite its lumpy,warty outward appearance it is said to be good for your skin as well.

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