Monday, August 20, 2007

I've been lying in a bed of coals...

The sizzling weather remains this week.The heatwave of the last ten or so days may abate towards the weekend but the humidity and continual mid thirty degree temperatures are fraying my nerves and making it difficult to sleep at nights.Even escaping to the swimming pool provides little relief.The lukewarm water temperature doesnt cool and invigorate those who enter it.Rather,it left me feeling much as a lobster would.Thrashing about,red-faced and panting in a cooking pot.

My place of work,Tajimi City, is still a leading contender in the highest daily temperature stakes in Japan.The local convenience stores are doing a roaring trade in cold drinks and ice creams at the moment while parasol makers must be rubbing their hands with glee at the constant demand for their products.
The number of people suffering and dying from heatstroke has also been regularly reported in the various media.Last Friday,for example,heatstroke was apparently the cause of 11 deaths throughout Japan while the previous day at least three people died from heatstroke.The weather forecast for tomorrow Tuesday in Nagoya is for partly cloudy skies,a low temperature of 27 and a high of 36 degrees celsius.
The photo above shows a dragonfly sunbathing in a local park in Nagoya.

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