Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday Flash..Typhoon Number 5

Typhoon Number 5 or "usagi"('rabbit' in English) is making its way through Japan.It made landfall in Kyushu before heading north over the Sea of Japan and is likely to make its second landfall up in Hokkaido some time tomorrow Saturday.Meanwhile in Nagoya its just brought two really hot humid days and strong winds.The forecast rain didnt really eventuate but would have been welcome to cool at least temporarily the area.
The apparently unrelated photo above shows the Nova Usagi or rabbit the once ubiquitious symbol of Nova Corporation,one of the big four English language schools in Japan.
Since the METI sanctions and the refund scandal however the usagi can no longer be seen on TV screens or on public transport such as trains and subway carriages.
Due to a "computer glitch" Japanese staff at Nova had their past months pay delayed by 4-5 days while they have also been told that their summer bonus will now be paid in October in part due to the amount of student refunds being paid out.Unconfirmed reports and media speculation put the total amount of refund repayments at 5 billion yen a month since the METI sanctions....

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K.W.Wan said...

my god man! is nova ok? is it going to survive this time?!

worrying times...