Monday, September 03, 2007

Wake Me Up When November Comes

A story that seems to have dragged on as long as this summer came to some sort of resolution late last week.
Yokozuna Asashoryu left for Mongolia on Wednesday after the Japanese Sumo Association granted him permission to return home.Way back in July following the Nagoya Summer Tournament his stablemaster submitted a sickness note citing injuries and absenting him from a JSA regional sumo tour.He was then filmed playing in a charity soccer match in Mongolia.
On his return to Japan August 1st the JSA suspended him for two tournaments,forbid
him to leave his apartment except for hospital and training visits and a salary cut.

On August 4 a psychiatrist says Asa is melancholic and should return home.By August 6th his condition seems to have worsened as he is diagnosed as suffering from acute stress disorder.On August 20th he is further diagnosed with a dissassociative disorder by his personal doctor and a JSA doctor.On August 28 following an extraordinary JSA board meeting it agreed to allow Asa to receive treatment in Mongolia along with his stablemaster and doctors.
Asa's stablemaster attempted to set up a press conference earlier in the saga to allow Asa to apologise but reportedly couldnt persuade him to do so.
Hopefully Asa can recover back home in Ulan Bator.
Whether he returns to Japan and resumes his position in sumo after his suspension is lifted remains problematic.

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