Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Flash...Veggie Bento

A small but filling vegetable selection from a local supermarket.Looking from the front there are two slices of pumpkin on the left.Nestled beside these are a couple of slices of boiled or steamed red skinned sweet potato,satsumaimo.
Two white circles of potato squat on what tasted like sticks of celery in the foreground.Wedged between the potato balls and the two blocks of tofu are the heads of two small mushrooms.
Toward the middle on the left are two circular pieces of crunchy lotus root or renkon that remind me of catherine wheels or the old style rotary dial telephones.
Beside the renkon is what I believe is a bamboo shoot,takenoko, again crunchy and fibrous.
Atop the blocks of tofu is a piece of carrot cut out in the shape of a maple leaf.Behind the tofu are two slices of slippery gelatine-like konnyaku.Hidden away top left are two small lumps of lightly fried renkon which if I heard the shop assistant correctly was renkon no suage.
Quite a colorful collection for the start of autumn.


K.W.Wan said...

Great pic. I'm constantly missing Japanese food.

tim said...

Cheers for the comment.The weather has suddenly changed into autumn mode a 10degree drop from 27celsius to a rainy cool pleasant 17degrees has everyone reaching for scarves and coats and sniffing like theres an Ice Age coming.
I dont miss the summer heat the only thing that gets me through is the prospect of cool autumnal weather and the seasonal food.