Monday, September 10, 2007

Tokugawaen Garden

Shrugging off the heat and humidity as well as the leftovers from Typhoon Number 9 I ventured forth to Tokugawaen Garden.Tokugawaen is a park about 10 minutes walk from JR Ozone Station on the Chuo Line from Nagoya.It consists of a shallow central lake around which various landscaped features have been constructed and a wooded area through which waterfalls and streams flow emptying into the lake.
There are also areas of plantings such as an irises bed and peonies to provide year round interest.
The lake mirrors the black pines and maples on its edges and provides a home for a small number of koi (carp) that seem to populate every Japanese garden I visit.

On Friday numerous dragonfly species flitted fitfully above the surface of the lake oblivious to the high temperatures.
The wooded area was very peaceful and pleasant to stroll around.The streams and various waterfalls have been built to provide visitors with the refreshing sound of running water.One of the waterfalls is a three tier arrangement.The rocks on each level have been positioned differently providing a variety of splashing sounds and spray as the water flow descends the fall.

Due to the heat there werent many visitors so it was possible to stroll leisurely around and take in views from the bridges and sit down in the shady coolness provided by the trees.Come autumn however Im sure numbers will increase as the maples and other trees put on their annual autumnal display of colour.
Entry to the park was 300yen.Theres the Tokugawa Art Museum next door which I didnt feel inclined to visit on such a stifling day.The Museum apparently displays some 10,000 items of the Tokugawa clan.You can buy a joint ticket to both the garden and museum but I might save the Museum for another cooler day.

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Anonymous said...

The museum was ok 6/10, well put together, some good content among the junk. The best bit for me were the final rooms containing old memorabilia and the library which had 600 year old scrolls.

I have just got back from OZ and realise I still have your books. I will visit the post office this week. :-(