Monday, September 29, 2008

Dream Car Show 2008

The Dream Car Show 2008 was held at Port Messe Nagoya over the last weekend.
Companies involved in the automotive industry such as audio and body kit firms had stands and vehicles on display showcasing their products.
A couple of luxury car clubs had their members cars on show.
There was even an area where you could see some Self Defence Vehicles on show.
I didnt have the courage to confront the friendly soldier near one vehicle and tell him they had incorrectly spelt a word on their display.Vehicul.
Rather oddly,there was also a wrestling ring complete with Japanese WWF style wrestlers in one of the exhibition halls.Team Makehen wrestlers,both male and female performed a number of bouts on both days.

Apart from the cars,vans,4x4s,motorcycles and racing cars,the other attraction at such shows that seem to pull in a particular section of the crowd are the models who languidly sprawl and pose over the vehicles.
There was a dearth of such models on Saturday which made those who were there even more in demand from their camera and video touting male admirers.
As soon as one appeared it was like a feeding frenzy.Imagine a school of piranha armed to the teeth with the latest and largest photographic equipment purchased by man.
A great seething,jostling mass of elbows and flashes as each competed to get their snap.Its not often one sees such impoliteness and lack of consideration on public display as they vie to get a good photo.

As well as the standard luxury cars that had been pimped up with expensive stereos and glass like polished exteriors there were a couple of hot rods that caught my eye.I was impressed with the size of the engine block on this one.Basically its a rocket on wheels.

Several thoughts crossed my mind as I took this shot.Firstly,do any of the people taking the photos even remotely care or have any interest in the car?Secondly a bit Freudian but can you gauge the interest the photographer has in his subject by looking at the size of his equipment?
It seemed the younger guys taking the photos were using cellphones or entry level SLRs.On the other hand,the older(and to my mind slightly creepy) enthusiasts were brandishing top end Nikon and Canon gear with huge telephoto lenses.
Then again,why would you want to video such a thing as a couple of punters were doing.Its not as though theres much in the way of action or movement taking place.

The final shot shows a customised Bentley Contintental GT with its custom grille and front bumper.It was also sporting side skirts,rear fenders and exhaust tips.

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I love those cars and those engines. You did terrific shots on the cars. Keep them going, I would love to see more.