Monday, September 01, 2008

Houjicha KitKats

Another addition to the KitKat confectionery range.The actual spelling of the main ingredient seems to vary.Ive seen it spelt as "houji","hoji" and "hoj" but Im sticking with "houji" having consulted several Japanese friends.
Whatever the proper spelling,houji is a kind of green tea.It differs from other green teas because it is roasted over charcoal.This apparently not only changes the leaf colour from green to brown but also produces a less astringent,milder light to reddish brown tea.
In fact the taste is so mild that I thought it was pretty average when I sampled one of the mini bars straight from the pack.It was difficult to distinguish it from other chocolate products.It was only after I put the pack into my refrigerator and ate one later that I could detect the houji taste coming through.A mild,nutty slightly caramel like flavour.Nothing world shattering,though I do recommend that they taste better chilled than straight out of the packet.

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