Monday, September 22, 2008

Toothless in Nagoya

There was a loud rendering crunch.I started eating lead.Blood.The apple flavoured stick of KissMint I was masticating had prised off one of my fillings.I spat the dull gray metal onto my desk.
Borrowing my co-workers pink Hello Kitty makeup mirror I gingerly inspected the damage.A small cavity.No.More like an abyss or a chasm.Not good.
What to do.Saturday.I could trek out to one of the three places in Nagoya that offered dental services over the weekend.Or bide my time and wait two days and find a local dentist.
As the pain was bearable due to the numbing effects of alcohol I decided to delay my visit to the dentist a little longer.I mean..not having been to a dentist for five years what harm could another two days do.
Luckily a friend gave me the name of an English speaking dentist so with some apprehension I went along this Monday morning.
For those familiar with Nagoya,Kimura Dental Clinic is almost opposite the entrance to the FreeBell Building.Freebell seems to house an inordinate number of foreigners which is probably due to its central location near Nagoya Station.
Theres a large pink neon sign with the words Kimura Dental Clinic,overhanging the footpath,which is hard to miss.Unless you happen to be standing directly underneath it.Cursing my inability to read a map or speak Japanese well,I bounded up the stairs.
I explained my problem to the receptionist,"koko ga itai desu"(it hurts here) while pointing to my mouth.And also explained I didnt have an appointment but that didnt seem to be a problem.

Although it was only slightly after 9:30am the place was buzzing.There were four chairs for patients.All occupied with people in various stages of discomfort.The dentists modus operandi seemed to be one of darting between the chairs doing a bit of drilling and filling and moving to the next chair.
I had no trouble understanding him.Even behind his clear protective plastic face mask he had much better language skills than my feeble Japanese.He explained the treatment and the cost of restoring the filling.Both were reasonable.I left three quarters of an hour later much relieved.

The lunch box below has two helpings of rice.The one on the left has some small nuts and wheat like grain mixed through it.The rice on the right is the more usual white rice.
The lower two sections contain a selection of meat and salads.The right hand side includes a salad containing pumpkin and grilled pieces of lotus and other vegetables.

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