Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Flash..Additions to KitKat and Haagen Dazs

Two new items I spied on the shelves this past week.
First up is the new KitKat flavour,Muscat of Alexandria.As the illustration on the box indicates these are grape flavoured KitKats.The photo shows a somewhat lighter green KitKat stick as I had put the box into my fridge prior to taking the photo.Straight out of the box,off the shelf,the KitKats are a more vivid green and also more sticky as the outside layer melts in the late summer heat heat.
Nonetheless straight off the shelf or out of the fridge these have quite a pleasant taste.

Another addition to the Haagen Dazs range is Maple Cookie.The ice cream has a maple flavour which greets you as you open the plastic lid.Mixed through the ice cream are small fragments of cookie dough.Very sweet and cloying.Im not sure I could get through more than one mini cup.Good if you are a sweettooth or need a sugar rush.

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