Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday Flash..A Few More Dream Car Show Shots

A few final shots from the Dream Car Show 2008 held at Port Messe Nagoya last weekend.
The first one shows a couple of "kangaru" or campaign girls posing beside a motorcycle.

Not my dream car but given the driving habits of drivers in Nagoya it seems a good choice of vehicle.Im just not sure where I could park it. This armoured vehicle along with two or three others was part of the Self Defence Force display at the show.

This bright shiny racing car was displayed by a custom paint company.Many specialised companies had their products on display including car stereo,car television and audio firms.Body trim and paint companies as well as hubs,tyres and wheels were on show.

Another kangaru posing with her sponsors product in hand.

This last shot shows a car with its gleaming paintwork including a bikini clad model featuring prominently on both sides of the car.On the hood or bonnet of the car the said model is sprawled suggestively and seems to have problems keeping her top on.
The vehicle drew many admiring glances.Im sure would be a distraction to other drivers if driven on the streets.


NYC Geisha said...

that last car would cause accidents!

huey said...

Yup it certainly turned a few heads at the show

Desking tool said...

Nice pick on the photos of the cars--and girls. I like the last photo, the white car with a girl in it. It looks very stylish. And hopefully, it has a good performance. I would love to own that one.