Monday, October 27, 2008

The Perry and Harris Exhibition

The Perry and Harris Exhibition..The Dawn of U.S-Japan Relations..

The current exhibition at the Nagoya Boston Museum of Fine Arts looks at the start of the U.S and Japanese relationship and the US-Japan Treaty of Amity and Commerce signed in 1858.
The exhibition concentrates on Commodore Matthew Perry who was responsible for the initial negotiations and Townsend Harris the first US Consul General in Japan.
On display are various books,reports,drawings and gifts associated with the meetings and negotiations between the United States officials and the Japanese bakufu or shogunate rulers.
While there appears an overabundance of books,scrolls and other printed matter particularly on the second floor of the display,there are enough flags,hats,swords and examples of lacquerware and porcelain to keep ones interest from wandering.
I was pleased that there are lots of English language captions explaining the history and process that led to the Treaty of Amity and Commerce being signed.I was also grateful for the absence of tinkling piano background music.
The exhibition runs until December 21st.Admission is 1,200yen per adult.The Nagoya Boston Museum is near the south exit of JR Kanayama Station in Nagoya.

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