Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Flash..Chocolate and Beer

The latest KitKat product Ive sampled is a tie-in with McDonalds.The KitKat Caramel Macchiato bars have an attractive marbled appearance and are very sweet.The caramel flavour envelops you as soon as you tear open the wrappers.I cant see myself eating these regularly as I found the sweetness too overpowering and prefer something a little more subtle.

Asahi's new Ginger Beer caught my eye recently after seeing it advertised on subway carriages.The alcoholic ginger beer has a smooth ginger aftertaste with an emphasis on the alcohol rather than being merely fizzy lolly water.I wouldnt drink it regularly but it has a certain novelty value.


yin jessica said...

I'm living in Hong Kong and was there in Toki & Tajimi for work between Oct 22 & 24. Found your blog accidentally and just wanna say hi.

huey said...

Hi Jessica,
thanks for your comment.I dont work out at Tajimi anymore but still have good friends there.
The train ride to Tajimi from Nagoya through the river valley is nice particularly in autumn or in winter if its just snowed.
I hope you enjoyed your stay

detox centers said...

The ginger beer is an alcoholic drink. Although, this is a very fine drink, one should always think not to drink too much. It will be more satisfying to drink when it is consumed with the right amount. Besides,too much of everything is bad, so is alcohol.