Monday, October 09, 2006

Osu Kannon Shopping District

Osu Kannon Shopping District
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I live in Nagoya's Osu shopping district.The area centers on Osu Shrine which dates back to 1610.Its a traditional shopping district with small shops lining narrow arcades and alleyways.
Apparently there are over 1000 shops selling an array of products.
Groceries to kimonos.Recycled clothing to computers and duty free goods.There are also a number of small restaurants and coffee shops which attract a wide range of customers.
While nearby Sakae has its modern upmarket department stores and amusement facilities I prefer to shop locally.I like the relaxed pace and diverse range of shops available.I cant think of anywhere else in Nagoya where you can find a Brazilian and Turkish restaurant within a stones throw of each other.
The last few years have seen some of the covered arcades getting a facelift.Being painted.Renovated.Earthquake strengthened.
Some of the older wooden character buildings have given way to faceless concrete structures but the arcades still retain their older style which distinguish them from ultramodern less friendly shopping malls of central Nagoya and the Nagoya Station and Towers complexes.

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