Monday, October 23, 2006

More Japanese Mushrooms

Japanese Mushrooms 2
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Nameko Mushrooms
Like last weeks fungi (eringi,maitake,shiitake and shimeji) nameko are available all year round.
They are usually sold in plastic packs with liquid as they dont keep for long.However about this time of year,late autumn,they can be purchased fresh and shiny.
The yellow mustardy coloured mushrooms have a slippery,"gluey" feel about them and are mostly used in soups and stews.


NYC Geisha said...

Those are some interesting looking mushrooms. My brother told me that during his trip to Japan this September everything had mushrooms in it. Mushrooms were the in-season-du-jour treat. Do you eat a lot of them?

tim said...

Hi nycgeisha...the mushrooms here are interesting.They smell and taste much better than the mass produced polystyrene button mushrooms i'm used to back in New Zealand.
I probably eat them about once a week not only because they are healthy but also cheap about 150yen a pack.Of course buying and eating matsutake is another matter as they are so expensive...