Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday Flash

Quick Snack
Originally uploaded by pookie_san99.
Just a small quick snack from the bento shop across from my apartment building in Osu Kannon,Nagoya.
Looks like the rain has set in for the few days with Typhoon 16 and 17 making their presence felt.I'll just hunker down and try and finish my art work for the Foreign Artists Exhibition at the end of the month and catch up on some video watching...


Anonymous said...

How do you do?
I'm a Japanese who live in Nagoya, too.
By chance, I found your blog.
I can read and speak a little English.
Recently, it's cool at mooning and evening.
I feel autumn has come.
Also, when I saw autumn flowers.
Your photos are very nice!
I will come here again.!


tim said...

Thanks for your comment momoinu.I think autumn is here too.Its my favorite season.I like the leaves changing colour and all the nice autumn food.I agree it has been cool recently but it makes it easier to sleep at night.
Take care you dont catch a cold.


YES! It's autumn here in Tennessee,
and the leaves are flashing their
Fall Colors!

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