Monday, October 30, 2006

Foreign Artists Exhibition 2006 Part 2

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The actual covers for the tissue are just two sides of a rubbish bag cut up roughly in half.The design is meant to represent a famous brand of bag beloved of Japanese women of all ages.
As with the tissues I ran into a few problems such as the paint not sticking to the plastic and flaking when moved.Another problem was the lack of sufficent supplies of paint.I ran out of the yellow paint I started using and couldnt find anymore in the five or so shops I tried.The only solution was to repaint using a similiar shade of yellow which was more readily available.Again time consuming and tedious.To stop the chipping and flaking I tried a number of things including varnish and gesso and a light coating of watered down PVA glue all which were only partially successful.
However I managed to get the covers to the International Centre Display Room and assemble the tissue with only a few chips requiring a quick touch up.
Overall Im pleased with the finished thing.Judging from the reaction of some of the organisers and other artists it was well received.Ive left a comment book this year so will be interested to see what the general public think of it as well.

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