Monday, June 19, 2006

World Cup 2006

World Cup 2006
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Well one week into the World Cup and unfortunately Japan is bottom of the Group F standings.After a 3-1 loss to Australia despite scoring the first goal and a 0-0 draw with Croatia, Japan needs to win its final game against Brazil.Not only win but they need to win by at least two goals. Much also depends on the other Group F game between Croatia and Australia.
Time-wise the games here in Japan are screened late at night.The first begins round 10pm.There are needless to say many sleep deprived,yawning people around at the moment.
In New York it was possible to watch three games during the day.The first begining round 9am the next at lunchtime and the final game was scheduled for a 3pm start.Many of the television channels in the States were covering the games.ESPN was obvivously covering all the games while others were scheduling most of them.I watched the Mexico Iran game with animated Spanish commentators who got really excited after each of Mexico's three goals.
Meanwhile in Japan the public broadcasting channel NHK isnt showing all the first round games on its free to air channel.Instead some games are shown on its BS pay for view channel.Thankfully other commerical channels are showing games as well but its still a bit of a "cut and paste" affair to see the games unless you have go to a sports bar or have satellite tv yourself.
It will be interesting to see the reaction if Japan loses its final game and is eliminated after the first round.Watching the game against Australia surrounded by Japanese fans was a sobering experience despite being in a pub.Things were upbeat if somewhat nervous as Japan led for 83 minutes.Then when things fell apart with Australia's three goal 10 minute spree the atmosphere changed completely.
There were anguished cries,sobbing and tears.Some of the fans looked truly shell-shocked...

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