Thursday, June 15, 2006

Leaving New York ..Never Easy..

Statue of Liberty Monument
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Well,Im back in Nagoya Japan slap bang in the middle of the rainy season.The oppressive humidity hit me as soon as I left the airplane.
Anyways a quick recap is in order...
I left the Chelsea International Hostel for the final two days of my sojourn and moved into the Larchmont Hotel in Greenwich Village.Nice to have a good bed and no inconsiderate bunkmates.Also,although the toilet and shower were shared there were no lines or clogged overflowing toilets to contend with.
The trip back to Japan was uneventful.I left the Larchmont at 4am to get to JFK Airport three hours before the flight left at 8pm.Again I took the SuperShuttle along with 8 other sleepy souls.
Security checks were strict I had to take off my shoes and was physically padded down by this burly security guy while another took a tissue towel and wiped down some of the items in my bag.
Five hour or so flight from New York to San Francisco followed by a quick one hour wait then a ten hour flight from San Francisco to Nagoya which somehow involved losing the best part of a day.

If you live on the international dateline does time stand still?Whatever blame the rainy season and jetlag for my absence.I'll do a roundup summary type thing tomorrow Friday and normal service should be resumed.
As for the photo I heard a couple of people remark as we sailed out to see the Statue of Liberty that you hardly ever see a photo of her backside.They didnt say "backside" but judging from their reactions were suitably impressed as we sailed by it...

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