Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Museum Muses Part 2

Monday 5th June 2006
Made it back down to Lower Manhattan today.Battery Point Park and in particular the Fulton Street Pier 17 area.The Pier 17 complex has a couple of old sailing ships and a steam tug that used to ply the Hudson and East Rivers.Theres also the usual shops and food outlets.
Also nearby is an exhibition called "Bodies".A bit on the expensive side at $24 an adult ticket but looked fascinating.It was.On display are real human bodies that have been preserved using an acetone and plasterizing rubber process.The bodies have been sliced up to reveal the various bodily systems.You can see a man sliced vertically into 6 slices and get an idea of how the various organs and systems fit and work together.Lungs, veins,arteries and nerves are also on display.You can gaze at the intricate fibres and tissues of your hand and see how your foot works.
As well as full skeletons being on display various individual organs such as the liver and heart have also been dissected giving you an inside out view.
Its a little like looking at the internal workings of a car engine once you have taken it apart.
A little ghoulish at first as you self-consciously gaze at someones stomach cavity but also riveting like passing a car accident and being unable to avert your eyes...

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