Monday, May 08, 2006

Summer Sumo Tournament..Slip,Slap,Slop

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The Summer Sumo Basho started in Tokyo yesterday.
Newly promoted ozeki,Hakuho,another Mongolian and possible rival to Asashoryu,began with a win.As did Tochiazuma who could get promoted to yokozuna with a good winning record.
One of the up and coming wrestlers is a 21year old former bouncer from Estonia,Baruto.He was promoted after the last tournament with a 15-0 winning record to the makuchi divsion.Nor should one either forget Kotooshu from Bulgaria.Hopefully his injured knee is better and he will be able to provide more of a challenge to Asashoryu than in their last encounter.
Finally I will be watching Kaio who narrowly missed demotion from ozeki ranks with a last gasp 8-7 winning record on the last day of the Spring meet.It will be interesting what happens this time round as he began the current contest with a loss...

Survived Golden Week sanity more or less intact.On the one hand it gives you a break from kids classes but does mean you could face teaching the same students three or four times a day in a class.Trying to pick lessons for such students who try to cram as many lessons in a day is impossible.Considering there are only 50 odd lessons per level at most and the students are usually with others of the same the end of the day they end up speaking gibberish mixed lessons,wrong tenses etc..

While I admire their dedication moderation seems the wiser course.Theres learning a language by osmosis or absorption and theres drowning in the quicksand of over-exposure.The students who seem to do better are those who study at home and dont overdo it,those who come regularly and take a couple of lessons a time.
Going hammer and tongs for a short sustained period followed by a lull of activity or overdoing it with too many lessons a day is to my mind the wrong way and may in fact be counter-productive.
Whatever Ive got a few holidays coming up near the end of May and cant wait...

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