Monday, May 15, 2006

Charles Bukowski

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"The Most Beautiful Woman In Town and other stories" written by Charles Bukowski.
I'd never heard or read anything by this writer until I was recently given a book of his short stories.He also writes poetry which appears on the odd website.
The information on the book's back cover informs you that he is "one of America's greatest living realist writers".
Thats realist with a capital R.His stories revolve around sex and alcohol.The language is gritty.
Profane.Graphic,with the pages littered with "f" and "c" words.You get some idea of what you are in for from the stories titles e.g"Ten Jack-Offs" or "All the Pussy You Want" the necrophillia themed "The Copulating Mermaid of Venice,Calif."
Not much is left to the imagination.I couldnt wallow in this writing style or the subject matter all the time.It does make a refreshing change from more prosaic writing.

About halfway through the current tournament.Both Asashoryu and Tochiazuma have withdrawn with injuries.Asashoryu injured liagments in his right wrist while Tochhiazuma hurt his knee.At that stage after losing 4 of 6 bouts and any realistic chance of promotion to yokozuna it was probably the only course he could take.
The wrestlers to benefit from Asashoryu's departure were Hakuho, the newly promoted ozeki and also Chiyotaikai thrusting and slapping his way to unbeaten record at this stage.
Meanwhile Kaio continues to battle for a winning record and Baruto the newly promoted Estonian is finding life more difficult in the higher ranks and has picked up several losses after his earlier unbeaten 15-0 record...

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