Monday, May 01, 2006

Inuyama Castle

Inuyama Castle 1
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On Saturday I ventured out to Inuyama Castle.
About a 40 minute train ride from Nagoya.The castle sits atop a hill overlooking the Kiso River.
The castle was built in 1537.It holds claim to be the oldest standing castle in Japan.It was designated a National Treasure in 1935 and had a four year restoration programme completed in 1965.
I like this castle because it is the genuine article.Its preserved in its original form.Unlike the castles in Osaka or Nagoya there is no elevator or vinyl floors.
Instead there is a very steep staircase you must negotiate and signs warning you to watch your head as you climb up and down the narrow steps.
Theres a great view from the top storey of the castle over the Kiso River plain and back towards Nagoya....

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