Monday, May 08, 2006

Green Tea

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A sure sign that summer cometh is the seasonal changeover of drinks in the vending machines.Hot drinks replaced with cold.Increasingly fizzy drinks,fruit
juices and mineral water are being sold alongside green tea products.
One leading company,Ito-en has been marketing its green tea products since the mid 1980's."Oi-ocha",
the companys bottled tea is now the biggest single soft drink product according to a report in "The Times" news paper.Green tea is fast becoming the overall soft drink of choice in Japan.
Canned coffee has long held sway in the market since 1964 but recently green tea has been making serious inroads into its market share.
The canned coffee market is dominated by the "Georgia" coffee brands owned by the Coca Cola Japan company."Oi-ocha",Ito-en's green tea brand comes second behind "Georgia" but it is the largest single soft drink brand.
As for "Coca Cola",the drink it rates fourth in the 2005 rankings behind the Aquarius range of sport drinks...

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