Monday, May 15, 2006

Monkey Business

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Just a few odds and sods this week.First up,my employer,Nova Corp had reported on Friday that it expected to make a group loss for the year ending March 2006 of some 3 billion yen.The loss was put down to the competition for students among its schools,rapid expansion and employing inexperienced managers.

No mention is made of the newly introduced in-house produced Diplomat series of textbooks.A glorified phrasebook.A cut and paste plagaristic product.Riddled with spelling errors and word ommissions.It does have pretty pictures courtesy of the internet.No substance.No grammar.No tenses.
Nothing to help students develop or enable them to converse.Just parrot.Listen and repeat.It doesnt provide a framework or structure.Did I mention the pretty pictures.

No mention is made of the foreign management or instructors either.Also inexperienced,often as not unqualified as far as teaching is concerned.Often fresh out of university first jobbers.
Its hard to take the job seriously when you see how those in authority treat their positions.
Personally Its difficult to respect someone who comes in to work unkempt and smelling of alcohol at 10 a.m the morning after the F.A Cup final....

The body conducting Japan's research whaling"The Institute of Cetacean Research" was in the news this week.It has plans to expand the market for whale meat by consigning sales to a recently established company which will, in late June, start selling the meat of whales caught for scientific purposes.
The company which plans to sell 1000 tons of meat this year is looking for new customers such as hospitals and will also sell the meat via the internet.

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