Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New York

Tuesday 30th May
Well I finally managed to get through and post something using the slow computers at the hostel im staying at.
Arrived in New York after some 17 hours flying.Nine hours from Nagoya to San Francisco and then another 8 from San Francisco to New York.Plus time differences as well.Had an interesting trip in with the SuperShuttle guy along with nine other passengers we weaved in and out of Manhattan for about an hour and a half.Finally got to the hostel about 11pm some 2 hours after landing.The guy at the hostel wasnt as bad as the reviews on the net would indicate.
Yesterday,Monday I explored Battery Park and Ground Zero.Been extremely warm both days so bought some shorts and some sneakers.Round 28degrees celsius.The hostel room is small and stuffy and comes equipped with its own cockroaches but no air conditioning.
Today went for a harbor cruise to see at close hand the Statue of Liberty and also walked into Brooklyn via the historic Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn has some very nice brownstone buildings and tree-lined streets.
First Impressions of New York
Not as impolite or unfriendly as portrayed.
There are many dogs here.Not just the toy breeds Im used to in Japan but bigger ones as well.
There are many different races not as homogeneous as Japan obvivously.A true melting pot.
The bagels and the fillings and the variety of food is amazing.
The people are loud and one often catches snippets of conversations such as
"Why didnt he tell me earlier" or "If we refinance..."

Cant post photos but have taken many including some of Manhattan from the cruise boat.Spent most of the time round Battery Point but will venture up towards the Central Park and museums area later this week...


Kwok said...

hey tim,

glad to hear you are safe and well! bagels man, love those bagels!

NYC Geisha said...

Glad you're enjoying NY- but we're not all roaches and bagels! There is also crowding, heat, and shoppping! Gotta love my home town. On a Sweedish clothing commercial, drop me a line- cheers