Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Countdown 2008

Well its almost cherry blossom viewing or "hanami" time again.It seems everything suddenly turns peach or pink be it drinks or postage stamps.
The Japanese Meterological Agency announced Saturday cherry blossoms had bloomed in Tokyo and Shizuoka and Kumamoto Prefectures.

Here in Nagoya the first cherry blossoms can also be seen.I took this photo in Tsuruma Park early this afternoon.(Monday 24th).In Nagoya the average year on year date for the first blooms to appear is March 28th so these are around 4 days or so earlier than usual.
The blossoms reach their fully bloomed state or mankai about a week or so after kaika the date on which the first blossoms appear.
Obvivously its difficult to predict when and how quickly the buds will blossom and bloom due to such factors as unseasonable and changeable weather.Cold weather and warm temperatures can affect the flowers.Wind can also play havoc with the tender petals.

Another shot over one of the areas in Tsurama Park where hanami parties are held.There are lanterns and electric cords already set up for the parties.I did note however that a thick dark mulch or compost has been spread under the trees in the area.I presume the mulch has been put down to reduce the stress on the trees roots as the soil gets compressed by partygoers.I just hope that the mulch dries out.Sitting there isnt an inviting prospect at the moment despite the fact that Tsurama Park ranks as one of the top 100 viewing spots in Japan.

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