Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Flash..White Day 2008

Friday March 14th here in Japan is celebrated as "White Day".A completely bogus commercial venture to sell confectionery especially marshmellows,biscuits and confectionery.Instead of the free for all flower and chocolate frenzy of St Valentines Day that occurs in most countries where both sexes give and receive gifts,in Japan only women give presents on February 14th.
March 14th is payback day where those men receiving presents have to return the favour.The problem for me,as I imagine with most,is trying to remember back a month ago and recalling who actually gave you anything.The other thing is that most of the confectionery,biscuits and gifts available for White Day seem to be a little more expensive than the single bar of chocolate you got.The dilemma then is whether you spend more money or somehow manage to overlook the fact that you got anything at all.
The photo above shows some of the gift options available at my local convenience store.

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