Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Flash..Spring Confectionery

A selection of confectionery Ive recently seen in the shops.Each season sees a new range of products often only available for a limited time.
The new offering from Haagen Dazs features cassis which I believe is blackcurrant and orange.An interesting mix of tastes

A mini pack that features some pale yellow coloured caramel flavoured KitKats.Quite sweet and sticky.

The KitKats above come in a box that contains a double pack of English tea flavoured wafers coated in dark brown chocolate.I found the tea flavour quite mild.

The final shot above shows the most recent KitKat flavour Ive seen recently.Again the hazelnut kitkats come in a small rectangular box containing four sticks in two packs.
The hazelnut filling in the wafers was quite thick compared to other flavours and a rich "peanuty" smell and taste.


Anonymous said...

I think the pale yellow caramel tasting Kit Kats are supposed to be 'caramel custard' or 'creme caramel' flavored- or in most parts of the world, flan flavored.

tim said...

Cheers for the comment Anon.I think you are correct that they are supposed to be caramel custard or creme caramel.