Monday, March 17, 2008

Flower Dome 2008

Billed as Japan's largest annual flower show,Flower Dome 2008 is currently on in the Nagoya Dome until March 19th.Nagoya Dome,which is the home of the local professional baseball team the Chunichi Dragons, is also the venue for various events such as trade shows, concerts,exhibitions and monster garage sales.The photo above shows the layout of the Dome with the flower show taking up most of the baseball field below the stands.
As well as various orchid competitions,there were displays involving growers of other flowers such as chrysanthemums and carnations.Florists also vied with each other in competitions involving bouquets and larger displays.
There were also stands of cacti,an eco friendly gardening stand and various trade stands selling plants and gardening goods.

There were a number of competitions and displays,not least some very large orchid displays.Some of the orchid exhibits included water features such as streams and waterfalls.

This teddy bear made from small succulent and cactus like plants caught my eye and attracted the interest of many small children at the show

There was a competition for gardens in baskets and various containers that could be mounted on a wall.There were a number of colorful and original entries including this one using old tin tomato cans to grow herbs.

This photo above shows an example of the orchids that were on display.This particular one was at least two metres high and covered at least a couple of square metres with a colourful display of orchids,moss and accompanying plants in a natural setting

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