Monday, March 10, 2008

Nagoya Auto Trend 2008

Having had my fill of culture recently,I decided to join the throngs and head off to see the annual car show.It was the first time I'd used the Aonami train as well as visit both the car show and the Port Messe Nagoya complex.The Aonami line begins at Nagoya Station and ends some 25 minutes and 350 yen later on the industrial commercial side of the Port.Port Messe is a sprawling complex of exhibition halls and conference venues.
The Nagoya Auto Trend show ran for three days and displays spread over three huge halls.
As well as the major local Japanese car manufacturers being present a number of luxury foreign car makers also had displays such as BMW,Audi and Mercedes Benz.

There were a number of F1 racing cars on display including this vehicle.
Its the first time Ive tried to take photos at a car show and I encountered a number of problems.
The first problem was the different light levels round each display.Spotlights and coloured lights,flashing indicator lights and glare from all the metal on show made it difficult to get a clear shot.

Another issue that I hadnt thought about was the presence of the models who posed demurely with the vehicles.Their appearance led the normally placid camera bearing locals(predominantly men in their twenties) to jostle and push for the best vantage point.There were plenty of staff on hand to ensure no-one was crushed in the scrum.
As for the photo above a Hummer for sure.

The other problem with having the models present apart from the obvious distraction they caused me was that they often get in the way of the shot.I didnt have the heart or the necessary Japanese vocabulary to say "Get out of the way I cant get the car in if you stand there!"
To be fair it must be a tough job and the pay cant be more than an English language teachers wages at best.

This Merc and its matching partner were one of the more extravagant custom built vehicles on display.I dont think they were encrusted with real diamonds but they certainly glittered.Even the twin exhaust pipes were covered with the jewel like stones.The interior was decked out in what looked like gold plate and mahogany or teak timber lining.

Another obliging model who patiently posed for a crowd of admirers including one of the many family groups making a day of it.Apart from the cars and accessories on display there were a number of trade stands selling all sorts of automotive gear.

Tamiya,the well known model company had a big presence in one of the exhibition halls.As well as selling its radio controlled vehicles at a large stand it also had a huge race track and competition running which attracted a large number of competitors and onlookers.

This new model BMW on display drew a big crowd of onlookers.It looked suitably Teutonic with its impressive grille and sweeping graceful lines.Its just the fact its got such a horrible mustard yellow paint job that puts me off purchasing it.

As well as featuring the latest cars there was also an area devoted to older vintage or veteran cars such as this early model Skyline.It provided a useful reference point and contrast to the newer cars on display.Its amazing how quickly they have evolved in terms of shape,size and mechanical advances.

This colourful Mitsubishi rally vehicle caught my eye where it was parked along with several other similar race cars.

I have absolutely no idea what she has on her feet.I noted that the stand promoted various panels and accessories.I also noted that the Mustang behind her is sporting spoilers and various additional body panels so perhaps that accounts for the footwear.

As well as providing the public with a chance to see the latest models available Nagoya Auto Trend also showcases other associated automotive products.There were a number of wheel rim and hub companies on site as well as a small area devoted to four wheel or quad bikes.A Harley Davidson motorcycle was on show as well as was what appeared to be a kitbuilt custom sportscar.

An interesting and amusing day out.Despite the fact that there were a lot of people,the size of the complex meant that it wasnt uncomfortable.Unless,that is,if you got caught in a scrambling photo horde.And even if one was only vaguely interested in a motoring sense there was enough variety to prevent any onset of boredom.


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