Monday, September 04, 2006

There Goes The Sun...

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Fall is in the air.
Almost arbitrairly autumnal.
Come September 1st shops clear their shelves of summer sale stock.Despite remaining broiling outside.Fall fashions,food and fancies fill the stores.

Its cooler at night.And Dawn.Making sleeping a much more viable proposition than even a week ago.Cicada cadavers crowd the pavement.Crunch crunch underfoot.

My own contribution to summer has been this modest sunflower grown on my balcony.The sole survivor of seeds sown earlier in the season.
It battled pests and the rainy season.Withstood a leaf curl attack and my neglectful watering.While not exactly thriving it did flower which must count for something.Five floors above a smoke choked six lane highway.
Evidence of natures stubborn wilful resilence..

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