Monday, September 04, 2006

Gokiburi Dango (Cockroach Bait)

Gokiburi Dango
Originally uploaded by pookie_san99.
Despite my rigorous cleaning schedule the apartment lately seems a target for gokiburi(cockroaches) to relocate.Maybe they have been transferred or are on summer holidays.Whatever,they seem to regard my living space as fair game.Prime real estate.A Club Med for creepy crawlies.
A student was kind enough to give me a homemade remedy,gokiburi dango,to battle the unwelcome squatters.
These small balls are made up of the following ingredients-flour and sugar,salt,onion and boric acid.Obvivously the boric acid is the killing agent while the onion apparently lures the pests to their last suppers.
I've put about a dozen round the perimeter of my rooms.So far no bites.Nor any new arrivals.Nada.I dont know if the deterrent value outweighs the dangos killing power.Still no cockroaches is good cockroaches....

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