Monday, September 18, 2006

Respect for the Aged Day

Today was Respect for the Aged Day.A public holiday.For most people an excuse to play golf and go shopping.
I had an early shift today at my help shift school.I started at 10am.It takes about one hour and fifteen minutes to get there.The journey requires a subway ride,a bus ride and then a ten minute walk.Its ok if the weathers fine.Today I was weary as Typhoon 13 was passing.I didnt fancy braving a walk in strong winds and rain.Luckily neither eventuated.
As it was a public holiday and I finish early the company dont provide a taxi ride to the station.The only alternative is to catch the bus to the station.As the last lesson finishes barely 15minutes before the bus arrives its a mad dash from the school,past the security check and a furious run for the bus stop.Thank God it wasnt raining...

Sumo Update
With his third loss to date Hakuhos possible promotion to yokozuna seems to all but have disappeared.
Asashroyu lost to Kisenosato on Friday but got his revenge next day by quickly disposing of Baruto.To date with one loss he retains a share of the lead.
Kaio has withdrawn from the tourney due to injury while Miyabiyama continues to look good for promotion to ozeki rank.
With a number of wrestlers still in contention the remaining eight days should be interesting....

Last Weeks News Recap

The new prince was named last Tuesday.He'll go by the name of Prince Hisa Hito which translates as "relaxed,easygoing,virtuous person".The symbol chosen for his personal crest is the umbrella pine a species native to Japan.The umbrella pine apparently grows strong,sturdy and tall....

High Prices Everyday
To clarify last Mondays photo it seems the business buys second hand motorcycles.The ad tries to atract potential sellers by offering them top dollars for their used bikes.Obvivous when you think about it....

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