Monday, September 25, 2006

Sumo Round Up

With a final scorecard of 13 wins 2 losses Asashoryu won the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament on Sunday.He lost his penultimate bout to Chiyotaikai in a humdinger of a match.Slapping furiously, Chiyotaikai managed to stay on his feet longer than the lunging falling Asa.with cushions flying into the ring the four judges conferred and awarded Chiyo the match.

It was pretty academic as Asashoryu`s closest rival had lost earlier ensuing him of his 18th Emperors Cup.He is now just four Emperor Cup victories from Takanohana (22) on the all-time winners list.
Baruto ended up with a 4win 7 loss record before withdrawing with a leg injury.Kaio ended up with a 1 win 6 loss record before he retired injured as well.
Unfortunately both Hakuho 8-7 and Miyabiyama 9-6 winning records werent enough to warrant their promotion.It doesnt seem at the moment there is any wrestler,Japanese or foreign, able to challenge Asashoryu consistently.He remains the sole yokozuna....

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