Monday, September 11, 2006

Its a Boy

The big news over the last week has been the birth of a new prince.The first male born to the Japanese Imperial Family since 1965.With his birth it seems any revisions or amendments to the Imperial House Law allowing both males and females to ascend the throne will be put on hold.
The government was to introduce a Bill in 2007 to begin procedures to revise the laws of ascession but the point seems moot.The birth of the prince means theres a male successor for the next generation has been found.
The prince will receive his name tomorrow Tuesday at the Meimei no Gi or Imperial naming ceremony.At the same time he will also get his offical oshirushi or Imperial crest that will be used to mark his belongings.

The Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament got underway yesterday.Hakuho who is still in line for promotion to yokozuna got off to a bad start.Unfortunately he lost his first bout.As his 13-2 record in Nagoya wasnt considered good enough for promotion he cant afford to lose another match in the current basho.
Asashoryu,the sole yokozuna started well with a straight forward shove out win against Kokkai from Georgia.Kokkai,whose name translates as "Black Sea" was recently promoted to the komusubi ranks was no match to the powerful Asa.
Chiyotaikai won his bout against Barauto who fell awkwardly on his left leg.He seemed to be favouring it as he left the ring.
Hopefully it isnt serious...

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