Monday, July 28, 2008

Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament RoundUp 2008

The Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament ended yesterday.Hakuho had wrapped up the Emperors Cup on day 13 so the only real interest was whether he could end with a 15 win 0 loss record.Which he did by beating Kotooshu in the last bout of the final day.Kotooshu who won the last basho and had earlier hopes of promotion to the rank of yokozuna ended up with a 9-6 record.Baruto finished 10-5 and ozeki Kaio with a 9-6 win loss record.

An eel and rice bento available in many shops at this time of year.Eel is seen as giving people stamina and energy in the hot,humid days of summer.Today with the temperature again in the mid 30s Nagoya had thunder and lightning throughout the day.Intermittent showers meant that carrying an umbrella was necessary.

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