Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Flash..More from the Nagoya Sumo Tournament

A couple of shots from the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament I attended earlier in the week.Below is a photo of yokozuna Asashoryu performing the traditional dohyo-iri or "entering the ring" ceremony.Accompanied by two lower ranked wrestlers and a judge,the yokozuna goes through an elaborate ceremony.After clapping his hands to get the attention of the gods he extends his hands to his sides and turns his palms upward to show he isnt hiding any weapons.He next rises one leg in the air then the other.Finally he stomps each leg down onto the the surface of the ring or dohyo symbolically driving evil away.
After he has finished and his attendants have left the other yokozuna Hakuho repeated the ceremony.

The second shot shows some of the merchandise and souvenirs available from the stalls outside the gym.Various towels,cloths and handkerchiefs were available.A multitude of Hello Kitty goods was also on sale.Pens,cookies and cloths bearing Hello Kitty figures in sumo garb were displayed in each stall.There were also autographed palm and hand prints of various wrestlers as well as the usual calendars,magazines,posters and collectible items.


halli said...

hello kitty sumo?! amazing!

tim said...

Yup Halli,Hello Kitty is pretty shameless when it comes to product placement and marketing placement.