Monday, July 28, 2008

Mad as a Box of Frogs...

Sometimes you have to shake your head.Some ideas are best unsaid.Case in point,the idea that on the last day of the month students will be given wine to drink in classes.Apparently the CEO,Mr Inayoshi is taking the credit for this.
Once again the leadership of GCom is betraying its origins.Theres a world of difference between running a so-called language school organisation and a chain of restaurants.The motivations and expectations of language learners and diners are not the same.For one thing the investment in time and money made by students is hugely more significant.

Apart from the simple fact that there wont be enough space on a table to balance glasses in a five student lesson I have a number of problems with the concept.
My first and major objection is that it doesnt seem professional.I never thought learning and the consumption of alcohol made for good bedfellows.A language school doesnt seem the appropriate environment to be drinking.Sour grapes on my part.Possibly.But theres a time and place for everything.
Secondly,if students drink alcohol a whole set of responsibilities suddenly come into play.Is the instructor liable for any injuries sustained by students or others on their way home?Is the instructor responsible for finding out the ages of students and their method of transport to the school to prevent underage drinking or traffic accidents.
Thirdly,from a practical point of view what happens should alcohol be spilt on the carpet.As a parent I wouldnt want my three year old child sitting on a wine soaked carpet square.
As seems the way with my employers there is little hard information available about this new idea.Maybe when the details filter down to the branches things will seem clearer.At the moment I remain unconvinced its a good idea.


K.W.Wan said...

wine in classes???! that sounds like the most idiotic idea they've ever had. can't they do chocolate or biscuits or something???


huey said...

Its one of many idiotic ideas.To placate instructors who have to teach five students in a class the lucky instructor will receive a 200 yen voucher to spend at one of GComs fine establishments.
The wine will probably come from one of the aforesaid izakaya restaurants so no additional outlay is required.
The problem is as I stated Gcom views dinners and students the same.Its got to the point where staff are welcoming the students with a shrill "Irasshaimase".