Monday, July 21, 2008

Marine Day Monday July 21 2008

It was Marine Day today.A public holiday that celebrates Im not sure what.Maybe it marks the start of the national water accident and drowning season.More likely its a sign that the summer festival season is upon us again.
The annual fire works display at Nagoya Port is on later in the evening but Im too lethargic to catch the crowded subway down there to see it.
Trying to avoid the heat of the day I did however venture down to Tsuramai Park and took refuge under the shade of the trees near the lotus pond.
It is deceptively quiet.In fact its teeming with activity.Large blue dragonflies dive bombed me as I sat contemplating the newly sprouted lotus blossoms.
Below the lotus flowers,small fish in large schools twist and turn between the roots.Meanwhile,knee deep in muddy water,frogs bask and brood in the afternoon heat.

The Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament rolls on into its second week.Kotooshu's chances of rising to the rank of yokozuna have been extinguished after two early losses.NHK sports news had been doing a special spot on his attempt to gain promotion but this has been discretely dropped and the focus has turned to other wrestlers.Kotooshu stands at 6 wins and 3 losses and should end up with a winning record.Hopefully.
Asashoryu,one of the two Mongolian yokozuna dropped out of the competition,ostensibly due to an injured elbow.Realistically after two losses however he had little chance of catching Haukho the other yokozuna who remains unbeaten at 9wins 0losses as I blog.

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