Monday, July 30, 2007

Tajimi City Fireworks Festival

Tajimi City like many other places in Japan has its own fireworks festival.It was held yesterday.Its an all day affair.A sound stage is set up early on the day of the festival.Various dance groups perform during the day.When I left at 10pm there was still a huge audience squatting and sitting in front of the stage by the station.

Various food stalls are set up on both banks of the Toki River near the centre of town where the fireworks are set off.

Another shot of food on offer.It was a humid night and I felt sorry for the people cooking over the hot metal plates.

The fireworks themselves begin promptly at 7:30pm and last for one hour.There are two alternative sites where the fireworks are set off.I tend to favor a bridge that is between the two sites.Some of the fireworks are set off with a background of music such as The Eagles "Desperado" which seems a bit incongruous with the happy family atmosphere that fireworks seem to create.

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