Monday, July 02, 2007

Athletes Foot and Panda Pooh

Been a strange week.Both weather-wise and at work.Often strange topics of conversation arise.Take on a life of their own.Like panda pooh.
Apparently because the panda dines solely on bamboo,panda pooh smells sweet.Not sure how this topic originated nor how one goes about checking the veracity of such a claim with pandas being so rare.

The other unusual subject that caught students interest and "ran" as it were for a couple of classes was athletes foot.This foot infection is particularly common during the fetid,inclement rainy season.Moisture,sweating and a lack of proper ventilation of the feet all combine to provide the ideal environment for the fungal infection to thrive.
Symptoms vary.For some sufferers the skin between their toes peels,cracks and scales.Others suffer redness,scaling and blisters.These symptoms may also be accompanied by itching and a burning sensation if the skin is scratched.

Translated literally from Japanese mizumushi means "water insect".There are reportedly around 20-30 million people afflicted with this infection.(Japan Times August 12 2001).Chemist shops and supermarket shelves formerly loaded with masks and pollen allergy cures during spring have been restocked with various bottles,liquids and ointments for athletes foot as it seems to be more prevalent at this time of year.

As an aside other foot problems came to light.Bunions appear to be mainly a problem for women due to wearing tight fitting shoes as opposed to athletes foot which afflicts both men and women.Bunions are called tako in Japanese which as well as being the word for such callus and corns is also the word for octopus.
Bunions can also be called mame a word also used for bean.Never to be confused for the word mune or breast particularly when ordering a snack with your beer.

Spotted this new shop sign in Osu last week.Not sure what kind of shop it is as it was shuttered up at the time.Nor am I sure that such an odd name will attract customers.It will be interesting to see how long it stays in business.

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