Monday, July 30, 2007

Natsubate..Summer Fatigue

Japan's summer months with its unrelenting heat,high temperatures and humidity coupled with fierce air-conditioning lead to a condition known as natsubate or "summer fatigue".The symptoms include a feeling of lethargy,sleeplessness or insomnia,loss of appetite and energy as well as the odd digestive problem.
These symptoms are exacerbated by sudden changes in weather and temperature changes caused by air conditioning in trains,buses and buildings.
Due to the Arctic atmosphere of their workplaces,some of the students at school bring a yutampo or hot water bottle to work to combat the frigid conditions.
Some students suggested eating certain foods such as eel and fruit such as watermelon and pears to help fight against summer ills by providing minerals and antioxidants to replace those lost in sweat and protect against ultraviolet light.

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