Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday Flash..Nagoya Summer Sumo Tournament

I went along to the thirteenth day of the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament held in the Nagoya Prefectural Gym adjacent to Nagoya Castle.
I had the above bento mid-morning as I'd woken up late and skipped breakfast.
The bento came in a bag which contained the two polystrene boxes above.
The left hand box contains various vegetables and pickled food as well as a huge prawn lurking on the bottom of the box.The right hand box contains rice on which is shredded egg,a small piece of eel which I almost choked on,pink ginger and orange salmon roe.All of which add flavour to the somewhat overcooked and otherwise bland rice.Not really a bargain at 1500 yen,more a part of the ritual of going to the sumo.
As for the sumo itself,well that can wait till Monday.

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