Monday, July 31, 2006

Tajimi Summer Festival

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For me choco-bananas are as much a part of Japanese summers as are fireworks and hot weather.
Yesterday,Sunday 30th July,Tajimi City had its annual summer Festival.It started around 9a.m with a big stage set up near the station.From that time till I left round 9pm various performing groups ranging from traditional drum groups to hip-hop dancers took the stage.
It was difficult to work as the noise from "the music" filtered into our classrooms as a continuous dull thud.Headache inducing.
Distracting to those trying to master the complexities of the English language.
Anyways after my release from work I sampled one of the above choco-bananas..they seem to have all the food groups combined on one stick for a relatively cheap 200 yen.

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