Monday, July 24, 2006

Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament RoundUp

Entering The Ring Ceremony
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Yokozuna Asashoryu won his seventeenth Emperors Cup as the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament ended on Sunday.He finished with a 14 win 1 loss record.His only loss was to Hakuho on the final day.
Hakuho finished with a 13 win 2 loss record.Unfortunately his promotion to yokozuna will have to wait.Hopefully a good performance at the September basho will see his elevation to the top ranking.Also on hold for promotion is Miyabiyama.
The other wrestlers I follow, Kaio and Baruto, both managed to finish with winning records.
The photo shows the daily dohyo-iri (entering the ring ceremony) held before the start of the maku-uchi or top five rank bouts.The wrestlers enter the ring wearing ceremonial aprons or kesho-mawashi.After performing a short ritual they depart...

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